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Club Membership


The Charlie Bears Best friends club runs from 1st May to 30th April and you can join the club at any point during the year and still receive all of the benefits which you would from a whole club year!
***You will be able to renew your membership as from 01/05/2017. If you would like to become a member and get one of our club bears and all of the other benefits from this club year then please call the bear cubs on 01566 777092***



As a Best Friend you will get...


~The key to Charlie's Secret Cupboards! We have one Secret Cupboard, here at The Bearhouse, where you can find bears signed by Charlie and maybe a sneaky Limited Edition bear with a beary low number! Also, we have a virtual on-line Secret Cupboard which can open at any time and nobody knows who is inside, apart from Charlie, and so this could be anything from plush to mohair and from Minimo to Plumo! We like to keep you on your paws here at Charlie Bears!

~Exclusive adoption of 5 bear cubs which are exclusive to ONLY our Best Friends!
~The offical 2016 Charlie Bears pin badge!

~2 newsletters which are jammed-packed full of the latest news, offers and sneak peaks from The Bearhouse and The Cubhouse in Australia!

~£10 off of one of three of this year's Best Friends Club bears!

~A complimentary copy of our brochures which are released throughout the club year. You will also receive these one week prior to the bear launch to ensure lots of bear browsing time!

~Best Friends Membership Card with your exclusive membership number which is special for each member!

~Birthday and Christmas Cards from Charlie!
~Special promotional offers throughout the year which only our Best Friends can redeem!
~All the latest news from The Bearhouse and The Cubhouse in Australia!





You can either use the Contact Us Link to request more information or alternatively call the bear cubs on 01566 777092!
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